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Our Projects . . .

Our Residential Subdivision Projects have unique amenities which contribute to setting Horne Engineering, Inc. designs apart from others.  It is a corporate focus to design developments that are not merely places to live, but are instead people’s homes. This philosophy has proven to be successful for not only for the communities in which these developments reside, but most importantly for our clients.                                            

Commercial/Industrial Developments designed by Horne Engineering, Inc. contain a wide-range of uses. These vary from neighborhood boutiques to national box stores to industrial manufacturing facilities. this experience includes design of office parks, light industry , and mixed-use developments.

The Site Developments designed by Horne Engineering, Inc. show that we care about not only the client, but the community and the people who are most effected by development. We work closely with the local Planning and Zoning bodies, as well as State and Local officials to make the your project the best it can be.

Water / Wastewater systems designed by Horne Engineering, Inc. run the full spectrum from small privately owned onsite systems to cross-country systems that interconnect with other corporate and municipal systems. He has extensive familiarity with the challenges of designing for the topography and geology of different areas, because of this vast experience, he worked closely with the various governmental agencies to secure public funding for many projects..